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Megatix aims to interrupt the global ticketing/event industry via their rapidly evolving unparalleled ticket sales platform.

The Challenge

In early 2016 Megatix approached us with a heavily under-performing ticket sales website. Their website was slow, insecure and unstable. It couldn’t handle more than a few simultaneous ticket purchases. It was clear the base infrastructure was not suitable for the feature enhancements they were keen to develop for their growing customer base. The support they needed for this mission critical ecommerce platform was lacking too.

We first engaged Itomic a couple of years ago for a holistic solution for Megatix. They have provided everything from initial consultation, UI/UX workshop through to design, custom development and ongoing feature releases for continual improvement our platform to reach new milestones in both functionality and performance. We aim to interrupt the ticketing/event industry by utilising cutting edge technologies, and often the scope is challenging and requires extensive R&D.

Roshan, MEGATix

The Approach

We began from square one. We didn’t want to develop an unnecessary feature, or a function that may not align with the vision for the product. We invited Roshan and Ash into our offices for a one day Discovery workshop. We explored and prioritised a feature wish-list for the phase 1 deliverable. Megatix recognised that the project will be forever evolving, and so flexibility and agility formed part of our approach from the start.

Itomic has assisted us over the years in all elements of our platform, from creative to implementation, and helped us navigate through a number of difficult business requirements to help achieve our goals efficiently and effectively. Working with Itomic is always a pleasure, as they do everything in their power to accommodate the very dynamic nature of our business. Being WA owned and operated, we feel as though they are an integral part of our business, and have the trust that we are working with and supporting another WA owned business.

Roshan, MEGATix

The Solution

Itomic chose to create the new Megatix using Laravel. This decision was partly based on some early successes we’d had using the php framework to deliver complex functionality for other clients. Our Senior Developers were already enamoured with the platform and we knew that Laravel was the best choice for the backend based on its lean code base, and suitability to custom web application programming. We combined it with the front end javascript framework Vue JS. This ensured the speed and processing advantages gained in the backend configuration were maintained in the browser, offering a snappy and responsive user-experience.

  • Built with Laravel
  • Built with Vue JS

The Results

At its core Megatix is a beautiful, highly capable, fast, and stable ticket sales platform. But it does more… it offers a white-label feature so that event promoters can spin up their own ticketing websites. It integrates with a ticket scanning app that staff use to let people into the events. It boasts some successful examples of single page applications (SPA). It’s already successfully operating in overseas markets, and transacting in foreign currencies. It supports thousands of consecutive ticket purchases scrambling to get their preferred tickets, and we are working toward the capability to support 50,000 consecutive users. The reporting options available to the business owners and ticket promoters are comprehensive and give them a huge edge over other better known ticketing systems.

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