Facebook Ads

In recent years Facebook has evolved its advertising offering beyond just organic posting. 

facebook ads

Many businesses focus only on organic posting to their Facebook wall with photographs, news and updates.  While this practice is a valuable way to build awareness and engagement with a brand, it requires a very significant volume of page likers / fans to create an impact.   This is because a typical Facebook or Instagram post might achieve only 7 – 12% of page-likers viewing the post, meaning that if there are 10,000 page likers, perhaps only 1,000 will see a post, and 30 – 50 users may engage, comment or like the post.   When promoting products and services therefore, organic posting is typically not the fastest path to achieving new customers, purchases or bookings and often has a low level of success in these endeavours.   

Thankfully, there are more direct Facebook Ads methods that, like Google Ads, can promise more immediate and measurable results.  

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