Landing page strategy

A landing page presents a very focussed summary of important information specific to a campaign. It removes all of the possible distractions from the primary website, and presents only the content necessary in order for the user to perform the desired action. Eg. complete a form.

landing page

For clients pursuing paid advertising with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we find we are able to drive a significantly higher percentage of enquiries by sending users to a focused landing page. This is the end-point for the user, and is made from a single webpage that typically includes:

  • The offer, and relevant photo imagery
  • Key features and benefits of the product/service
  • An enquiry form, a phone number, and an email address
  • Social proof (testimonials, reviews)
  • Video content (optional)
  • Examples of the product/service (project listings, service options, product information)
  • Strong calls-to-action that drive people to typically take one of three actions on the landing page (complete form, click to call, or click to email).

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