Support & Maintenance

Chances are, you’ve come to us to develop a website or app that automates systems in your business. This could be through a payment portal, a sign up mechanism, software for employees or tech that handles big data.

Whatever we develop for you, we don’t leave you in the dark after launch.

Getting the absolute best from your new tech means using it the right way, and we want to see you get the absolute best from your investment.

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How we take care of your tech

We offer 24/7 support services for our clients, tailored to the level of care you require. Some of our clients want us to handle every facet of their website, app or software, and we’re happy to do this.

Others want us to check in on a regular basis to make sure their tech is working to its maximum potential. Either way, the goal of our support service is to ensure you’re getting the best results possible from what we have developed for you.

Custom coaching

If you’re interested in managing your tech in-house, we can equip you, or your team, with the skills to handle your new system.

We do our best to make the training process an enjoyable one, and love sharing tips and tricks that improve your practical knowledge.

Of course, once you’re up skilled, we’re happy to provide refresher coaching or training for new staff, to ensure their knowledge is on point.

Maintenance matters

We’re big fans of staying up to date with changes in the world of tech. And, as you’ve probably noticed, these happen fast.

If there’s an update that could make your tech run better, we’ll make sure you have it. In fact, if any part of your system needs maintenance, we’ll take care of it.

Our ultimate goal is ensure your website, app or software runs smoothly. And by smoothly, we mean maximum capacity.

Maintenance and support is offered with every piece of tech we develop, and tailored to what you require.

Just ask, and we’ll sort out a package for you.